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5 Practical Magic Items

Inspired by this post on practical magic items, I’ve thought up my own five items to contribute to this idea. I love the thought of these simpler magic items that don’t do anything miraculous, but do provide some interesting tools to players.

Surefoot Boots

Boots ensure good traction, even in the most extreme conditions. Reduces travel time in adverse weather or terrain and reduces risk of slipping on ice and other slippery surfaces.

Quickpitch Tent

The next piece you need always comes out of the bag easily and they fit together quickly. Reduces time needed to make camp.

Distracting Shawl

Colorful embroidered shaw may be worn in many fashions. It is so distracting it makes the wearer more difficult to identify.

Stable Ladder

Foldable three foot ladder is lightweight and nearly impossible to knock over once set up.

Irongrip Tape

Tape with a high-grip surface may be applied to the hilt of a weapon making it very difficult to drop or knock from your hand.