Cats Have No Lord

Iron Henry

This is the first in a new series adapting elements from each of the Grimm's Fairy Tales for Cairn in order of their KHM numbers. First is The Frog King, or Iron Henry (KHM1). This story is better known in other versions as The Princess and the Frog, featuring the enchanted prince becoming human again after the princess kisses him. However, in the original, he is transformed after she throws him against the wall in disgust. Best of all, this version features Iron Henry, the prince's faithful servant who had iron bands placed around his heart to stop it from bursting from the sadness of his prince being turned into a frog. The story ends with the bands bursting one by one with happiness on the carriage ride to the prince's castle.

Illustration of Iron Henry and the Prince on their carriage ride from an 1874 edition of the story

For this adaptation, I'd like to instead imagine an alternate version in which the frog prince has become lost and Iron Henry is searching desperately for him, suspicious of everyone he comes across and how they might be involved in the prince's disappearance.

Iron Henry

5 HP, 1 armor, 11 STR, 10 DEX, 14 WIL, sword (d6)

If questioned about the frog he is seeking, it will quickly become clear that Henry does not know any features distinguishing the prince from any other frogs. If players take the time to find any frog and bring it to Henry, he will be placated.