Cats Have No Lord

Journey through the Tunnel of Strange Challenges

I'm working on an adventure for Cairn and had written this up as part of a cave that could transport characters into the fey realm, but I'm scrapping it and going in a new direction with some of the themes of the adventure. However, I don't want it to go to waste, so here's a weird tunnel with a procedure for facing its mental challenges and a table of weird experiences players face traveling through it. Stick it in your game anyplace you need a harrowing transition between realms, or whatever.

Tunnel - Everyone’s journey through the tunnel is disconcerting in an unique way. Journeying through the tunnel requires 30 minutes. Save WIL every 10 minutes. On a failed save, the character finds themself in a tiny, dripping wet cave with a massive headache (take 1 fatigue), and they may not attempt to journey through the tunnel to faerie for 24 hours.

Roll once on each column of the table to determine the nature of the journey through the tunnel each time a new character enters:

Result Form (You are a(n) …) Task (Trying to …) Obstacle (In spite of …)
1 Ant Eat a massive cake A horde of crocodiles
2 Infant Find a lost friend A spinning vortex of colorful snow
3 Potted Plant Jump over a wall Torrential rain
4 Cloud Sing for a large audience A meteor shower
5 Goblin Win a debate The explosion of a dying sun
6 River Remember your name A lake of tar
7 Army Prevent imminent death Falling from a great height
8 Planet Scratch an impossible itch Rapidly switching between shrinking to a tiny size and growing to an enormous size
9 Wolf Climb a mountain Only moving backwards and upside down
10 Monarch Land a backflip Ride on the back of a bucking world-encircling serpent