Cats Have No Lord

Cat TTRPG Idea #58


Rocket Cat

The origin of the rocket cat is lost to time.

Nobody remembers who strapped the rocket to her back. Nobody knows what foul arcanity has powered it ceaselessly for years. Nobody knows how the she manages to steer herself.

The only thing anyone is sure of is that the cat is fast, and she is angry.

If you hear the fearsome pairing of a roaring jet of flame and a shrieking feline, the only advice is to hide as quickly as you can.

Rocket Cat

5 HP, 8 STR, 16 DEX, 10 WIL, claws (d10)


Stats in the post are for Cairn, an adventure game about exploring a dark & mysterious Wood filled with strange folk, hidden treasure, and unspeakable monstrosities.

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