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Twisted Potions of the Fungal Forest for Cairn

This post is a preview from my work in progress adventure for the A Town, a Forest, a Dungeon Jam

Alchemist's Shop

An alchemist has set up shop near the fungal forest to conduct experiments brewing potions with the many strange ingredients found there. Although trying to replicate the effects of common spells, the strange ingredients have warped them in different ways. Potions are made to order, costing 30 gp if made with ingredients on hand at the shop or 15 gp if the players collect their own ingredients.


Name Effect Ingredients (see table)
Animate Objects An object loudly relays your commands to up to five other nearby objects, who will do their best to obey. 1-in-6 chance the command is relayed inaccurately 1, 2, 3
Bubble A creature must release a constant stream of bubbles from its mouth while talking. It is otherwise mute 8, 3, 6
Disguise Poorly You may alter the appearance of one character at will, but any form they take will also have a pair of glasses, a large fake nose, and a fake moustache, which cannot be removed 10, 2, 4
Fig Cloud Figs begin spraying uncontrollably from your hands 5, 7, 9
Goat A goat from a random location is temporarily transported to you 9, 2, 6
Hear Whiskers You can hear the faint sounds made by whiskers on any creatures nearby 2, 6, 10
Marble Crows Your pockets are full of marbles and a murder of marble-crazed crows is summoned nearby 1, 4, 8
Booze Form You become living alcohol. You may choose the type of alcohol 2, 5, 9
Pat A spectral hand gently pats the shoulder of a chosen creature 4, 7, 2
Sniff The source of any smell glows faintly in a magical light only you can see 1, 8, 10

Hunting for ingredients

Hunting for ingredients requires one hour in the Fungal Forest. Roll 2d6 to determine the outcome of your hunt:

2–4: Find no ingredients and trigger an encounter (roll on encounter table)

5–8: Find 3 ingredients (rolled randomly) and trigger an encounter

9–12: Find 3 ingredients (of your choice) with no encounter

Players may save WIL before beginning the hunt to attempt to more thoroughly search for specific ingredients, gaining +2 to their roll on a successful save, but triggering an additional encounter on a failed save.


  1. Hickory Chickens
  2. Dryland Fish
  3. Witch's Hat
  4. Flykiller
  5. Destroying Angel
  6. Webcap
  7. Wooly Milk Cap
  8. Yellow Knight
  9. Brown Stump
  10. Ghostchaser


Fungal forest encounters coming soon. Any appropriate encounter table may be used.

This content is intended for use with Cairn, an adventure game about exploring a dark & mysterious Wood filled with strange folk, hidden treasure, and unspeakable monstrosities.

It is based on Alchemie & Zaubertränke by Daniel Lyght, which is licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0.

The text on this page is licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0.