Cats Have No Lord

WIP - Midnight in Bonetown - Cairn A Town, A Forest, A Dungeon Jam

Cats Have No Lord

Do you know the way to Bonetown?

Can you tell me how to go?

If you meet me in the alley,

I have secrets I can show.

If you meet me there at midnight,

I can lead you on the way.

We'll take the dive to Bonetown

and drink our sorrows away.

-- Anon., scrawled in blood on a sewer grate

Adventure Summary

Bonetown is a paradise of the undead sought only by the living—A refuge of resurrected skeletons hiding under the bustling city streets and offering time away from it all for those who know how to find it.

Ten years ago, the wizard Gebert began resurrecting skeletons from the local ossuaries using the mysterious Resurrection Stones, the origin of which remains secret. He brought the skeletons with their glowing red eyes to a town he conjured for them in a large cavern deep under the city. As the skeletal population has grown, they have capitalized on unwanted visitors from above who found their way down to gawk at them and built a strip of businesses catering mainly to the living on the main street in town. Although not discussed in public, the Resurrection Stones slowly corrupt anyone revived with them into violent murderers who must eventually be expelled from Bonetown, causing problems for the other inhabitants of the cavern.

Now, Gebert has not returned from his latest trek to procure more Resurrection Stones. The skeletons are desperate to get him back, but none of their search parties have returned from the Fungal Forest that stands between Bonetown and Gebert's unknown destination on the far side.

The Skeletons are offering 5,000 gp for Gebert returned alive, 2,500 gp for information on the source of the Resurrection Stones if he cannot be found, and 500 gp each for any Resurrection stones.

Cavern Inhabitants


Raised by Gebert and mostly happy to live simple lives in Bonetown without venturing to the world above or even deeper into the cavern. A few Skeleton Scouts brave the wilds of the Fungal Forest. More than anything, they want to grow their community, and they are desperate for Resurrection Stones to help do this. They don't particularly like all of the overworld visitors who come to town, but they do like having something to do.

Corrupted Skeletons

Over time, the skeletons become corrupted by the magic of the Resurrection Stones and change into vicious killers. They are expelled into the Fungal Forest, roving around and attacking anything they see.


A people native to these caverns and well adapted to hunting in the dark for mushrooms with large ears and snouts and sharp claws. Rixi Hunters range through the forest collecting rare fungi and eliminating threats to their villages. More recently, they harnessed the power of electricity from eels in the river and have made a variety of gadgets with them. Angry at the skeletons for sending their violent members into the forest and now ruthlessly hunt them down. Mostly occupied with farming fungus in artificial caverns under their villages and mining for iron and other materials to advance their technological research.

Shroom Trolls

Solitary, complicated, and often misunderstood creatures. Few in number and scattered around the forest. They would mostly prefer to mind their own business, although some do have a taste for violence. Not happy about the corrupted skeletons running around.

Other Creatures

Sporespiders and Sporemanders exist in symbiosis with the giant mushrooms of the forest, feeding off the fungal flesh, but also spreading the spores far and wide and infecting others.

Electric Eels swarm in the waters of the river that cuts through the forest. They are used to power Rixi gadgets.

Cave Ducks live happily alongside the eels, resistant to their electricity and eating them.

A Red Dragon is trapped at the bottom of a pool on the far side of the river.

A Water Elemental is trapped at the bottom of a well on the far side of the river.

The Dim are giant, fire-breathing worms who burrow a network tunnels (the Dim Warrens) in the farthest reaches of the cavern.


10 years ago - Gebert discovers the Resurrection Stones, begins raising skeletons, and conjures the first parts of Bonetown.

9 years ago - The Rixi discover Bonetown and begin trading electrical gadgets with them.

7 years ago - Rumors spread in the city above and people begin visiting Bonetown; the business strip is built to cater to them.

5 years ago - The first skeletons become fully corrupted and are expelled from Bonetown into the Fungal Forest. After attacks by the corrupted skeletons, the Rixi cut off ties with all skeletons and swear to kill them on sight.

1 week ago - Gebert fails to return from an expedition to collect more Resurrection Stones; unbeknownst to the skeletons, he has been eaten by a Dim in the Dim Warrens and is being slowly digested. The skeletons begin offering a reward for his return.

3 weeks from now - Gebert will be fully digested by the Dim and can no longer be rescued.

Cavern Locations

Cats Have No Lord

Bonetown (Location 1)

Small cluster of simple buildings carved out of stalagmites and other parts of the cave floor. Main street lined with businesses catering to visitors from the overworld. Neon signs hum on storefronts and electric lights brighten the area. Populated by around 100 skeletons. Any skeleton PCs talk to will bemoan the loss of Gebert and their need for more Resurrection Stones and mention the reward. Reward posters are also plastered around the main street. PCs may learn additional Rumors by spending more time talking to skeletons or listening in on conversations around town.


A wide variety of skeletons will be seen milling about all parts of town. Roll on this table to generate them as needed with rumors. Roll once and take all results from the row or roll on each column.

Result Name Description Rumor
1 Atred Eyepatch and a fat cigar; standoffish and monosylabic Several scouting parties sent for Gebert have not returned
2 Maly False Moustache and a fake accent; overly friendly and loud Many skeletons have become dangerous and were expelled into the forest
3 Rancent Hurrying about holding a briefcase; no time to talk There is a vicious group of hunters in the forest who hate skeletons
4 Cece Wearing a leather mask and trying very indiscretely to pick pockets A set of standing stones in the forest grants horrible visions
5 Henry Big feathered cap and playing a lute; actually very shy with a mousey voice A well in the forest is inhabited by a monster
6 Gilsi Wearing a hardhat and digging a hole for an unclear purpose; slow, lilting drawl A well in the forest has many treasures dropped by adventurers
7 Witha Wearing a trenchcoat and selling mushrooms out of it (fungal ingredients available for 2 gp each); deep gravelly voice A dragon lives somewhere in the forest with a huge pile of treasure
8 Hames Jumping with a jumprope and trying to get others to join; talks in whispers There is a pool of hot water in the forest that eats people
9 Adburg Juggling knives and trying to sell them (4 gp each); fast-talking salesperson Skeletons in the forest cannot be trusted
10 Brilda Washing clothes with a bucket and washboard; only talks in song The river in the forest is full of electric eels
11 Wena Smoking on the corner in a leather jacket; uses slang incorrectly Gebert gets his resurrection stones from a set of secret tunnels on the far side of the forest
12 Waltom Climbing a ladder onto a roof holding a hammer; takes long pauses mid-sentence Many skeletons in town have begun to secretly think about slaughtering the living
13 Sige Painting a street-scene at an easel and wering a beret; pretensious art snob Mushrooms in the forest shoot spores that infect your mind
14 Hurey Sitting on a bench taking notes in a journal; naive and fascinated by the wonderous variety of the world Watch out for loud clicking sounds in the forest, it's the mushrooms
15 Joane Blowing long notes on a trumpet; doesn't take mouthpiece away while talking A troll runs a ferry over the river, but shouldn't be trusted
16 Argen Walking a dog; awkwardly long handshakes with eye contact The Rixi in the forest are mean and can't be trusted
17 Sybel Fixing a broken door; loves to talk about the weather despite living in a cave There are two Rixi villages in the forest
18 Cilia Spinning in a circle; very curious about the world above There is a dangerous ford over the river, but it is the best way to avoid the Rixi and the trolls
19 Mery Doing a handstand; giggles constantly while talking Some skeleton kids like catching a ride on the Rixi train, but it's dangerous if you are caught
20 Hera Posting flyers about the reward for Gebert; raspy voice The skeletons lost a magic carpet given to them by Gebert and it is in the forest somewhere

Bonetown Businesses


Lively spot with a variety of cocktails and distilled spirits (made by Duli the alchemist) run by Tiana. Music by the Scapula Sam Quintet. Popular spot to play Knucklebones with many tables set up to play.

Scapula Sam Quintet
  1. All players make a bet. Minimum 10 gp. Maximum 100 gp.
  2. All players and the dealer roll 1d10 and share their result.
  3. The dealer rolls 1d10 again and keeps the result secret.
  4. All players roll 1d10 again and share the result.
  5. In turn, players may roll 1d4 and add to their result as many time as they wish.
  6. If the dealer's total is less than 17, they will roll 1d4 in turn with the players and add to their result until it is 17 or higher
  7. The player, or dealer, closest to a total of 21, without going over, wins.

The skeletons have very weak taste receptors and have taking to making outlandish drinks to feel any sensation.

  1. Legbone: Gin, hot sauce, and champagne
  2. Backscratcher: Cinnamon schnapps, whiskey, sauerkraut, and a lemon wedge
  3. Ducklips: Tall glass of bitters with ground chili pepper on the rim
  4. Spinetingler: Melon liqueur, lime juice, sambuca, and mint
  5. Eyehole: Dark rum, coarse ground black pepper, and tomato juice
  6. Bonetown Basher: Vodka, cubed whole grapefruit, ginger root garnish

Cats Have No Lord


Weapons and armor shop with a suspiciously large supply. Run by Albert, who seems reluctant to sell most things but won't say why (he is becoming corrupted and secretly hoarding weapons for a skeleton uprising). Any weapons and armor from the standard equipment list are available double at their listed prices.

Flea Market

Maze of stalls piled with mostly junk but some hidden treasures. Run by Gran. PCs who spend 30 minutes searching the market have a 2-in-6 chance of finding a random treasure, but will otherwise find only junk.

Treasures (1d6)
Result Treasure Cost (gp)
1 Starscryer, 5 charges. Small glass orb filled with sparkling points of light. Expend a charge to project the current position of the stars and other celestial body to a surface above the orb. Recharge: Dip the orb in a natural pool of water reflecting the light of a full moon for five minutes. 25
2 Endless Thread. Spool of faintly glowing red thread that will unspool endlessly. Sticks to any surface it is unspooled onto and cannot be removed except at the desire of the user. 30
3 Instant Boat, 1 charge. Small figure of a rowboat carved of purple crystal. Expend a charge to expand into a functional boat with oars that fits up to four people. Recharge: Sing a sea shanty loudly with a group of at least four people while drunk and holding the figure. 100
4 Duckspeaker, 1 charge. Wooden figurine of a creature with a naked human body and the head of a duck with teeth. Placing the figurine inside your mouth with the head poking out allows you to understand and be understood by ducks for up to 1 hour. Recharge: Place the figurine inside the mouth of a duck for any amount of time. 10
5 A Field Guide to Subterranean Mushrooms. Provides detailed information about the nature and uses of various subterranean mushrooms. Grants +2 to ingredient hunting rolls in the Fungal Forest. 45
6 Flamefender. Large sheet of shining golden fabric that blocks fire from anything it is draped over. Creatures under the cloak cannot see and must move slowly to not trip on the sheet. 50

Cats Have No Lord

Junk (1d10)
Result Junk Cost (gp)
1 Moldy Boots 4
2 Rusty Scissors 3
3 Broken Mirror 1
4 Dull Knife (d2 damage) 1
5 Stuck Lock 2
6 Bent Lockpicks 10
7 Half-Used Torch Free
8 Cloudy Spyglass 20
9 Bottle of Brown Liquid 5
10 5 ft. Pole 2
Alchemist Shop

Cramped shop full of bubbling cauldrons, whistling stills, and strange colored steam. Run by Duli. Offers a variety of concoctions brewed from materials found in the Fungal Forest. Although trying to replicate the effects of common spells, the strange ingredients have warped them in different ways. Potions are made to order, costing 30 gp if made with ingredients on hand at the shop or 15 gp if the PCs collect their own ingredients.

Name Effect Ingredients
Animate Objects An object loudly relays your commands to up to five other nearby objects, who will do their best to obey. 1-in-6 chance the command is relayed inaccurately. Hickory Chickens, Dryland Fish, and Witch's Hat
Bubble A creature must release a constant stream of bubbles from its mouth while talking. It is otherwise mute. Yellow Knight, Witch's Hat, and Webcap
Disguise Poorly You may alter the appearance of one character at will, but any form they take will also have a pair of glasses, a large fake nose, and a fake moustache, which cannot be removed. Ghostchaser, Dryland Fish, and Flykiller
Fig Cloud Figs begin spraying uncontrollably from your hands. Destroying Angel, Wooly Milk Cap, and Brown Stump
Goat A goat from a random location is temporarily transported to you. Brown Stump, Dryland Fish, and Webcap
Hear Whiskers You can hear the faint sounds made by whiskers on any creatures nearby. Dryland Fish, Webcap, and Ghostchaser
Marble Crows Your pockets are full of marbles and a murder of marble-crazed crows is summoned nearby. Hickory Chickens, Flykiller, and Yellow Knight
Booze Form You become living alcohol. You may choose the type of alcohol. Dryland Fish, Destroying Angel, and Brown Stump
Pat A spectral hand gently pats the shoulder of a chosen creature. Flykiller, Wooly Milk Cap, and Dryland Fish
Sniff The source of any smell glows faintly in a magical light only you can see. Hickory Chickens, Yellow Knight, and Ghostchaser
Hunting for Concoction Ingredients

Hunting for ingredients requires one hour off-path in the Fungal Forest. Roll 2d6 once for each distinct group of PCs (multiple rolls if PCs split to search different areas) to determine the outcome of the hunt:

2–4: Find no ingredients and trigger an encounter

5–8: Find 3 ingredients (rolled randomly) and trigger an encounter

9–12: Find 3 ingredients (of your choice) with no encounter

One PC in each group may save WIL before beginning the hunt to attempt to more thoroughly search for specific ingredients, gaining +2 to their roll on a successful save, but triggering an additional encounter on a failed save.

Fungal Ingredients
  1. Hickory Chickens
  2. Dryland Fish
  3. Witch's Hat
  4. Flykiller
  5. Destroying Angel
  6. Webcap
  7. Wooly Milk Cap
  8. Yellow Knight
  9. Brown Stump
  10. Ghostchaser

Small oval track where visitors bet on races between various skeletal animals. PCs may bet on any competitor from the racetrack table—roll based on the stated odds and earn the listed winnings if successful. Maximum bet of 100 gp.

Young Jenkins
Racetrack Table
Animal Odds Winnings
Tortoise 2-in-20 5 x Bet
Mouse 4-in-20 4 x Bet
Pig 6-in-20 3.5 x Bet
Squirrel 8-in-20 3 x Bet
Lizard 10-in-20 2.5 x Bet
Roadrunner 12-in-20 2 x Bet
Hare 15-in-20 1.5 x Bet

The Fungal Forest (Locations 2–9)

Dense and expansive forest filled with a variety of fungi. Giant Mushrooms periodically release toxic, parasitic spores, infecting local wildlife. Cut by a river full of electric eels. Inhabited by the Rixi who live off the fungus and harness electricity from the eels.


Travel from one point to another directly connected point takes approximately one hour using poorly defined trails among the fungus. Roll the Forest Die once each time PCs are traveling between points, whenever they arrive at a new point, or if they linger more than 30 minutes at a single point (except for inside of the Rixi Villages). PCs may travel off the defined paths, taking three times as long to travel and requiring three Forest Die rolls.

Forest Die (d6)

  1. Close Encounter - Roll on the encounter table and place the result immediately in front of the PCs.

  2. Far Encounter - Roll on the encounter table and place the result out of sight of the PCs but detectable via sound, smell, or other means.

  3. Spores - Giant mushrooms click loudly for 10 seconds before releasing a cloud of toxic spores covering a roughly 200 ft. circle. Unless PCs take action to avoid the spores, they must make a WIL save to avoid the effects of the spores. On a failed save, take 1d4 WIL damage and roll on the Spore Hallucinations table. Hallucinations last for 30 minutes.

  4. Spores - see above

  5. Exhaustion - The PCs must rest for at least 10 minutes or gain Fatigue or Deprivation.

  6. Quiet - The PCs are left alone (and safe) for the time being.

Forest Encounters (d20)
  1. d4 Shroom Trolls cooking large mushrooms on a spit over a fire
  2. A pod of d6 Electric Eels flopping from a pond toward the river
  3. Shroom Troll witch collecting spores
  4. d4 Corrupted Skeletons
  5. Wandering dwarven merchant (offering 5 items rolled randomly on the expeditionary gear, tool, and/or trinket tables at standard prices)
  6. d4 Sporemanders
  7. Shroom Troll standing on top of a large mushroom looking around
  8. d4 Sporespiders
  9. A magic flying carpet running away from a group of Rixi Hunters and seeking help
  10. d4 Rixi hunters
  11. Corrupted Skeleton digging up buried treasure (50 gp)
  12. Human wizard (not the one you’re looking for) eating spores and hallucinating wildly
  13. Shroom Troll smashing 2 Corrupted Skeletons together
  14. d2 Sporemanders attacking d6 Rixi Hunters
  15. d6 Rixi Hunters fighting d10 Corrupted Skeletons
  16. d6 Sporespiders spinning webs around a group of 10 Corrupted Skeletons
  17. Shroom Troll eating a Sporespider
  18. A Sporemander eating a Sporespider
  19. Shroom Troll with its leg on fire stomping on a Sporemander
  20. Corrupted Skeleton riding a Sporespider


5 HP, 10 STR, 14 DEX, 12 WIL, bite (d6) or fire breath (d6, blast)


4 HP, 10 STR, 12 DEX, 10 WIL, bite (d6)

Electric Eel

2 HP, 8 STR, 14 DEX, 10 WIL, bite (d4) or shock (d10)

Rixi Hunter

5 HP, 8 STR, 14 DEX, 10 WIL, shock spear (d6) or bow (d6)

Corrupted Skeleton

7 HP, 1 Armor, 10 STR, 13 DEX, 12 WIL, sword (d6)

Shroom Troll

8 HP, 15 STR, 12 DEX, 10 WIL, claws and bite (d10+d6)

Spore Hallucinations (d12)

Roll once and take all results from that row or roll multiple times for each column

Result Action Color Animal
1. Dancing Purple Bees
2. Singing Orange Goblins
3. Hungry Red Dinosaurs
4. Spinning Blue Ducks
5. Exploding Yellow Squid
6. Vibrating Green Cats
7. Motionless White Geese
8. Crying Black Cows
9. Screaming Polka-Dotted Sheep
10. Jumping Brown Spiders
11. Digging Striped Gophers
12. Clawing Checked Badgers

Fungal Forest Locations

2) Rixi Railroad
3) River Ford

Electric Eel Swarm

2 HP, 8 STR, 14 DEX, 10 WIL, bite (d4) or shock (d10), detachment

Cave Duck 1 HP, 6 STR, 12 DEX, 8 WIL, bite (d4)

Quackolocation: You may detect the location of nearby objects enough to safely navigate, even in complete darkness, but only while quacking.

Cats Have No Lord

4) Rixi Village South
Rixi Gadgets

Shock Spear, 2 charges. Spear with hardened glass container near tip full of water and electric eel parts and wired to metal tip. Electricity stuns target for d4 rounds and deals d2 DEX damage. Recharge: Shake spear vigorously for 1 round (10 seconds).

Shock Arrow. Arrow with electric eel parts braided around shaft and wired to tip. Electricity stuns target for d2 rounds and deals 1 DEX damage. May only be used once.

Headlamp, 1 charge. Small circular lamp with a headstrap that provides bright light in a 40 ft. cone. Powered by part of an eel in a hardened glass container on top of the lamp. Lasts 1 hour per charge. Recharge: Replace with new eel part.

Lantern, 1 charge. Lantern with an eel in a hardened glass chamber at the base. Provides bright light in a 40 ft. circle. Lasts 3 hours per charge. Recharge: Replace with new eel.

Jackhammer, 1 charge. Sharp metal rod driven up and down at high speed by an electric motor powered by an eel in a glass jar. Handles above the motor. Lasts 30 minutes per charge. Recharge: Replace with new eel.

Power Cart (+6 slots, fast), 5 charges. Metal hand-cart with electric motor powered by glass tank of eels to make pushing easier. Expend 1 charge to run motor for 30 minutes. Recharge: Add new eel to tank.**

Eel Net. Large net on 10 ft. pole with insulated handle. Catches 2d6 eels every 10 minutes of sweeping in the river.

Eel Container. Large glass container with an insulated handle. Holds up to 50 eels.

Cats Have No Lord

5) Waterfall
6) Rixi Village North


7) Old Well

Water Elemental

12 HP, 2 Armor, 15 STR, 10 DEX, 10 WIL blow (d8)

Amulet of Backtracking, 3 charges

8) Standing Stones
9) Steamy Pool

Red Dragon

18 HP, 3 Armor, 18 STR, 12 DEX, 16 WIL, bite (d12), claws (d10+d8), detachment

The Dim Warrens (Location 10)

A complex network of interconnected tunnels and chambers excavated by the Dim, enormous, fire-breathing worms who poop out Resurrection Stones, which may be found scattered around the tunnels.

Tunnels are the same diameter as the Dim and avoiding them requires moving into side tunnels. Anyone who cannot avoid them is swallowed. Gebert is inside one of the Dim.


14 HP, 1 Armor, 14 STR, 10 DEX, 12 WIL, flame breath (d10+d10, blast)

Cats Have No Lord

The Warrens Die (1d6)

Roll each time PCs enter a different branch of the tunnels or a different chamber or linger more than 10 minutes in one location:

  1. Close Encounter - Roll on the encounter table and place the result immediately in front of the PCs. If a Dim is rolled, there is a 1-in-6 chance that Gebert is inside—his muffled screams can be heard faintly.
  2. Far Encounter - Roll on the encounter table and place the result in a location adjacent to the PCs' current location. They can hear, smell, or see clues of the nature of the encounter ahead. If a Dim is rolled, there is a 1-in-6 chance that Gebert is inside—his muffled screams can be heard faintly.
  3. Loss - Torches are blown out, an ongoing spell fizzles, etc. The PCs must resolve this before moving on.
  4. Exhaustion - PCs must rest for at least 10 minutes or gain Fatigue or deprivation.
  5. Environment - Something occurs to block or complicate their path ahead. The roof falls in, the tunnel is flooded, the chamber is full of toxic gas, etc.
  6. Quiet - The PCs are left alone (and safe) for the time being.
Dim Warrens Encounters (1d20)
  1. A Skeleton Scout missing its legs crawls feebly deeper into the warrens babbling incoherently about needing to find Gebert
  2. A Dim moves slowly down the tunnel toward the party shooting a massive jet of flame in front of it
  3. A Dim is sleeping in the tunnel with its tail toward the party. A pile of resurrection stones is on the ground near its anus, suggesting the source of the stones.
  4. A Dim is moving quickly down the tunnel, its mouth open and sucking in dirt and rocks from its surroundings.
  5. A Skeleton Scout is pressed firmly into the dirt of the wall of the tunnel and struggling to escape.
  6. A group of 4 Rixi Hunters is cautiously searching through the tunnels.
  7. The roof of the tunnel begins collapsing and will quickly fully cave in.
  8. A Dim is sleeping in the tunnel with its face toward the party, it’s eyes creepily wide open but it’s mouth closed
  9. A Dim moves quickly down the tunnel toward the party coughing intermittently and shooting jets of flame when it does so
  10. A Dim spins itself around in the tunnel scratching an itch against the walls. It is facing the party but does not immediately notice them
  11. A group of 3 Rixi HUnters are huddled around a fire taking a rest.
  12. A group of 4 Skeleton Scouts on fire is fighting a Dim and losing
  13. A Dim is stopped in the tunnel facing the party. It’s mouth is closed and moving while swallowing a skeleton, it’s foot partially out of the mouth still.
  14. The walls of the tunnel are on fire and the ground is shaking as if a Dim is nearby and recently passed through.
  15. A group of 3 Skeleton Scouts is fighting a group of 4 Rixi Hunters
  16. A Dim is in the tunnel facing away from the party and pooping Resurrection Stones while 2 Skeleton Scouts eagerly gather up the stones as they drop
  17. A Dim is moving quickly toward the party and swallows a group of 3 Rixi Hunters standing in the tunnel as it goes
  18. A Dim is moving quickly toward the party, belches a blast of flame, and then stops abruptly and falls asleep
  19. 4 Skeleton Scouts are running frantically toward the party with a Dim chasing them
  20. A dead Dim blocks the tunnel with 8 Skeleton Scouts caught in its mouth also dead from the fight, their Resurrection Stones on the ground outside the mouth

Skeleton Scout

7 HP, 1 Armor, 10 STR, 13 DEX, 12 WIL, sword (d6) or bow (d6

Cats Have No Lord

Dim Warrens Locations

Cats Have No Lord

1) Recent Cave-In Entrance

The Delver, 3 charges. Complex machine with a spherical reinforced cabin on tracks with and a wheel of sharp spikes on the front for digging tunnels. Digs 6 ft. diameter tunnels at a rate of 50 ft. every 10 minutes. Uses 1 charge every 10 minutes. Spikes deal d10 damage to any creatures struck by them. Reinforced cabin can take up to 30 points of damage from attacks before breaking and exposing the operator to danger. Recharge: Add an eel to the tank for 1 charge.

Cats Have No Lord

2) Flooded Entrance
3) Open Entrance
4) Fiery Entrance
5) Accidental Lake
6) Empty Chamber
7) Nesting Chamber
8) Dragon Chamber
9) Black Pit

Black Pudding

12 HP, 11 STR, 5 DEX, 3 WIL, devouring touch (d8)

10) Green Chamber

Green Slime

3 HP, 18 STR, 6 DEX, 3 WIL, acidic touch (d10+d8)

11) Lava Chamber
12) Tomb Chamber

Hedgehog Ring, 3 Charges

Bonesaw Blade, 3 Charges

Wayward Friend, 1 Charge

13) Poop Chamber
14) Vampire Bats

Vampire Bat

3 HP, 6 STR, 14 DEX, bite (d8)


Text and Illustrations (except duckspeaker) by Luke Simonds and © 2023.

This text is licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0.

This adventure is written for and based on Cairn written by Yochai Gal and licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0.

The statblocks for the corrupted skeletons, skeleton scouts, shroom trolls, sporespiders, sporemander, water elemental, red dragon, black pudding, green slime, and vampire bats are used or adapted from the Cairn Monsters List licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0.

The forest die and warrens die procedures are adapted from the work-in-progress Cairn 2e Wilderness Exploration procedures written by Yochai Gal and licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0.

The alchemist shop and procedures for creating potions and collecting ingredients are based on Alchemie & Zaubertränke written by Daniel "Lyght" and licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0.

The duckspeaker relic is based on the Druks created by Brad Kerr. Duckspeaker illustration by Brad Kerr and used with permission.

Skeleton illustrations adapted from images in the Open Artstor Wellcome Collection and licensed CC-BY-4.0: Myotomia reformata, skeleton and Skeleton illustration from Anatomie.